I'm not sure why people keep getting stuck in chimneys.

If you think about it for half a second, can't you come up with any other option than pulling a Santa Claus and attempting to shimmy down a chimney?

There was the one chick trying to break into her ex-boyfriend's house, the other lady stalking a guy online who somehow just "ended up" in his chimney, and now we've got this dude in Phoenix who firefighters just had to cut out of a chimney.

According to KPHO-Phoenix firefighters used drills and a slegehammer to free a 23-year-old man from a chimney around 3a.m. Sunday morning.

What was he doing in there? Apparently two of his friends said they locked him out as a practical joke.

According to firefighters, the man decided the only way he could get back in was by going down the chimney.

“This proved to be a bad decision," (duh) "and fortunately for him the Phoenix Fire Department Rescue crews are trained up to handle these types of confined space incidents,” a Phoenix Fire Department spokesman told KPHO.

It took about the 30 minutes for rescuers to free him. Video above shows the soot- covered guy getting pulled out.