You know what's embarrassing?  Getting injured while doing parkour.  You know what's even more embarrassing?  Having to get rescued after you get injured while doing parkour.  And a 26-year-old Denver man knows that embarrassing feeling all too well after a recent incident.

Last Thursday, Dustin Hinkle of Denver just wanted to do a little parkour.  So his buddy let him into a building where he managed to get himself up on to the roof.  He started going through his flips and twists and working on his moves.  But then, he somehow managed to flip himself right into a wide open incinerator chimney!  Hinkle fell between 30 and 35 feet where he became wedged in the chimney.  It took rescue workers about two hours to rescue him by breaking through the wall and the chimney from inside of the building.

Hinkle is now being held at the jail in Denver on suspicion of trespassing.  The damage caused by freeing him from the chimney is expected to be in the thousands of dollars.

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