If you love your dog, don't feed him these treats!

The FDA announced that Milo’s Kitchen® Dog Treats are being recalled because they "potentially could contain elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone." The two types include:

  • Milo’s Kitchen Steak Grillers / Steak Grillers Recipe with Angus Steak (18 oz, 22 oz & 10 oz bags)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Grilled Burger Bites with Sweet Potato and Bacon (15 oz bag)

This comes after the FDA was notified of three different illnesses. If you have these treats in your home, you're advised to throw it away or you can contact the J.M Smucker Company at 1-888-569-6767, to get a replacement product or coupon. You can call that same number for questions or concerns.

If you fed your dog these treats some symptoms to watch out for include increased urination, thirst, and heart rate, and weight loss.

More info can be found here. Below are pictures of the dog treats included in the recall.

Courtesy of the FDA
Courtesy of the FDA