For weeks now, a deer has been spotted roaming around in the Lansing area with a plastic pumpkin stuck on its head.

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Lansing resident Michael Brown spotted the animal and submitted the video below to Lansing TV station WLNS-TV. Brown tells the TV station that he's been seeing the animal in its precarious predicament for a couple of weeks now.

Halloween Bucket Left in the Wrong Place

The orange plastic pumpkin appears to be a child's Halloween candy bucket. The video below serves as a reminder that objects like bags and buckets should not be left where deer and other animals can get ahold of them.

Attempting to Rescue the Deer in Distress

Brown tells the TV station that he has contacted a local nature center, hoping that they would be able to send someone out to help free the animal from the bucket. So far, however, no one has been able to help.

Neighbors have also attempted to help free the deer from the bucket but to no avail.

WLNS-TV reports that South Lyn Murphy Lost Animal Recovery has been contacted and the organization is going to try to locate the animal and free it from the plastic pumpkin. They were able to help free a deer in a similar predicament at the end of last year in the Detroit area.


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