Grand Rapids police say to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills. 

WZZM-13 reports that there have been seven reported incidents of counterfeit money being used to purchase items in the GR area since Dec. 1.

GRPD posted a warning to Facebook, saying that a suspect has used fake bills to make purchases from Facebook Marketplace, local businesses, and food delivery drivers.

In these recent incidents, the bills were either $100 or $50 bills. In two of the transactions, the bills were marked “Motion Picture Use Only”.

Police say they are investigating and that before you accept payment, you should check a bill's authenticity. They encourage visiting for info on all security features that can be found on U.S. Currency.

If you are given counterfeit money, GRPD advise you to avoid confrontation and call 911:

 As a witness, you are the best resource for the responding officers. Take note of the suspect’s physical description, clothing, vehicle description (if they drove), direction the suspect fled, and any other identifying marks.

Anyone with questions about counterfeit money should contact the GRPD at (616)456-3400.

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