A uniformed British police officer accidentally walked into a 50th birthday celebration at a social club, where he was mistaken for the stripogram the ladies had hired. How does this not happen more often?

Police Community Support Officer Mike Ober was patrolling around Bradford on Avon on Saturday night, when he spied a door to a social club propped open. The club was normally empty on weekends, so Ober went inside to investigate. Upon entry, the group of women started cheering with excitement, believing Ober was the male stripper they had ordered.

Ober told BBC News, "'The party was about to get started and they thought I was early. ...I had to beat a hasty retreat.'"

And to make the story even better, Ober claims he passed the real stripper on the way out. Ober told BBC that the mix-up was flattering, and I'm sure the women at the club enjoyed one unforgettable birthday party.

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