One polar bear at the Detroit Zoo is dead after a male bear attempted to breed with the female bear.

Polar bears are massive bears and look cute and friendly in pictures but that is the last thing they are in real life. They can be very dangerous to each other, let alone if a human is nearby.

According to MLive, a 16-year-old male polar bear by the name of Nuka, was attempting to breed with a 20-year-old female bear by the name of Anana. The female bear was being unreceptive and the male wound up killing the female on Monday, February 8.

What is strange about this incident is that both bears have been living in the same quarters for a year with no problems. A few months ago the two had been separated and recently reintroduced for breeding purposes.

Nuka, the male bear had been through this before with another female polar bear and there were no problems. That female wound up having two healthy cubs.

This is the second time a polar bear has killed another polar bear at the Detroit Zoo. The last time it happened was back in 1988.

According to Detroit Zoological Society Chief of Life Sciences Officer Scott Carter said, "this was completely unexpected and the Detroit Zoo staff is devastated by the loss of Anana in this sudden and tragic event."

The male bear Nuka has bred with several other polar bear's over the year's during his stay at the Detroit Zoo with no absolutely no problems whatsoever. This is why it is so shocking to staff members at the Detroit Zoo. Nuka had always been good to the other bear's during breeding and it had become a routine event each winter.

There is another female polar bear at the Detroit Zoo named Suka, because she is currently raising cubs from a previous breeding, she and the cubs are being kept in a private maternity den to keep other bears from attacking the cubs.
There is no word on what the Detroit Zoo plan to do with Nuka.

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