People are driving their cars must longer than in the past...I'm one of them...are you?

According to WOOD, since vehicles have been built better to last longer, people are driving them longer before upgrading. The average year for a car on the road these days is 11.8 years old.

Experts say that in the next decade people will be driving cars that are 12 years or older on the road for a national average.

With vehicles being made with higher quality and last longer it only makes sense that people are driving them longer, especially as much as a new vehicle costs these days.

With new vehicle costs being much higher people are getting loans that are six or seven years which leads to people taking better care of their vehicles and keeping them longer.

The folks that live on the Western side of the country are already averaging 12.4 year old vehicles on the road while the people in the Northeast part of the country average 10.9 year old vehicles.

People in Montana seem to know how to keep a vehicle running a long time with their average vehicle on the road is 16.6 years old. Vermont seems to burn through their vehicles the fastest with an average age of 9.9 years.

Hopefully they keep building the vehicles better so we can keep them on the road even longer!

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