I know parents love their kids...but to aid their son in trying to cover up a murder and mutilation is just unfathomable.

Jared Chance murdered and mutilated 31-year-old Ashley Young who was last seen November 29, 2018. Her torso along with a box of body parts were found in the basement of the apartment Chance was renting. To this day, Young's head, hands and feet are still missing. Chance is now serving a 100 to 200 year sentence for the murder and mutilation.

If Young's murder and mutilation wasn't enough already to make anyone absolutely sick, Jared Chance's parents wound up trying to stall and mislead police in order to protect their son. I understand the love a parent has for their child because I am a dad but at some point there is right and there is wrong.

According to WOOD, 78-year-old James Chance will only get a month in jail and a year of house arrest/probation for accessory after the fact.

Barbara Chance will do 45 days in jail for accessory after the fact and perjury. She took a plea deal rather than go to trial like her husband who wound up getting acquitted for perjury.

Jared Chance reportedly admitted to his dad that he dumped Young's body parts in random trash bins all around Grand Rapids.

What got James Chance into to trouble was his leaving out details on exactly where the family stopped when some of Young's body parts were in the car. This caused major problems for police and those doing their investigation.

Trash times vary all around the city and James Chance leaving out those times made it impossible to locate the missing body parts.

Both Chance parents did all they could to stall and slow the investigation rather than immediately turn in their son who committed this terrible crime.

Perhaps they should have gotten more time for their part but at least they got some time behind bars. Their son Jared will never see outside of a prison as long as he lives.

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