Did you go hunting or fishing this past year? If so, you're not alone. DNR is reporting that the pandemic has created a spike in those searching for outdoor entertainment.

Matt Goehler,  CEO of Lake Effect Lures Co. and RBM Jigs LLC told FOX 17,

 "Our website was up 3,000 percent this winter. So a huge, huge jump. As soon as we hit fall, we noticed a really big uptick in the number of businesses that were contacting us in regard to having our product on the shelves."

DNR states that the amount of fishers in Michigan has grown by 10.6% in the past year. 2020 has brought more younger fishers with it. In addition, women participants were up by 23 percent.


Fishing numbers saw a major uptick this past year and so did hunting. New customers in that group were up 29 percent and female customers were up 14 percent. All of these new customers need supplies. Outdoor recreation suppliers are happy about that. Goehler says,

"It's cool to be able to equip our younger generations with that."

Chris Williams