Pranks are some of the most amazing things ever created.  Whether its a simple as a whoopee cushion on the chair or as complex as a cheating prank, they can create joy for many people.  Pranks are also great when they help you catch a thief.  And that’s what Mike Zaremba decided to do to get back at someone who had stolen three packages from him right off of his front porch.  

Zaremba's wife had a birthday party for their dog.  She had invited seven or eight other dogs over for the party.  Needless to say, there were land mines everywhere after the party, so Zaremba decided to see if he could catch a thief on his own.  So he filled a box with pooch poo and set it out on the porch as bait.  The criminal showed up once again, picked it up and went on his way.  But it didn’t take the thief long to realize that he had actually gotten a box of poop instead of a great Christmas gift.  The police soon caught up with the thief, Daniel Aldama. Safe to say he got a sh***y deal!

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