I don't know anyone who particularly loved 2020. I mean if we were hard-pressed to find a few good things about last year, I'm sure we could, I mean if we really had to think about it. Or then again, maybe here in Michigan we couldn't muster up a little silver lining since according to geotagged Twitter data, the mitten state hated 2020 the most of any other state in the U.S, so says Detroit Metro Times.

The staff at Someka, which is a data company, recently analyzed more than 900,000 tweets from across the country for the past 6 months, Detroit Metro Times reports,  looking for key phrases such as,

"I hate 2020," "2020 is the worst," "horrible year," "terrible year," "worst year," "awful year," etc.

And what they found was Michigan led all the states with the negative sentiment about 2020. Which kind of makes sense, since our governor has gotten heat for some of the strictest COVID restrictions across the country.

We weren't alone in the negative outlook on the year. I mean, we were the most negative, but Virginia was very close behind, followed by Indiana, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

Maybe this year we should try extra hard to find some happiness or positives to balance out last year being so negative.


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