It seems every time we turn a corner in Michigan there is an invasive insect or plant giving Michiganders grief. One poisonous plant is primed and ready for the kill this fall.

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Michigan in the Fall

Typically in the fall for Michiganders, it's about seeing the fall colors, raking leaves, closing down the cabin for the season, putting away the boat, wondering how much snow we are going to get, and college and pro football eats up a lot of space in the brain too.

Hopefully, your favorite football team is doing well, but there is something you are going to want to attack before you put up your gardening tools for the winter.

A Poisonous Plant That is All Over Michigan is Lethal to Humans and Animals

The poisonous plant I speak of is Hemlock.

Hemlock can be deceiving because you see it everywhere in Michigan and in some cases, it can look beautiful where it's growing.

Don't be fooled by the Hemlock plant because all parts of the plant are toxic and can be lethal to both humans and animals if ingested. Make sure if you get near the plant you are wearing gloves, long sleeves, and long pants.

Fall is The Best Time to Kill Hemlock in Michigan

Shooting Hemlock won't do a thing unless you are shooting it with a highly potent weed killer. The fall is the best time to use week killers but the best way to get rid of the plant is to dig it up but the roots so it can't come back. If you remove a bunch of it, it's a good idea to plant something else in its place like native goldenrod, sunflowers, wild lupine, and native asters. These plants grow great on field and lawn edges and very well in meadows.

What To Do If Exposed To Hemlock

If you get exposed to Hemlock from handling or eating it, unfortunately, there is no antidote. So no bare skin should touch it when removing the plant. If you do develop symptoms you need to seek immediate medical attention so doctors can treat the symptoms.

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