Every year, Thrillist puts out their list of the most haunted restaurants and bars in America and For the second year in a row, a bar in Michigan is named among the most haunted.

The Fenton Hotel and Grille is located just South of Flint in Fenton, Michigan.  The hotel was built in 1856 after the first railroads were built connecting Fenton to the rest of the state.

According to Thrillist's description of The Fenton Hotel, there are at least 2 known ghosts who are haunting the location.  Emery is a former hotel custodian who can still be heard walking around above the dining room and there is gentleman at table 32 who constantly adds Jack & Cokes to people's orders.  It seems to me that you should sit at table 32 and just enjoy those free drinks.  Thanks, random ghost.

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