If you’ve been thinking in this time of ocial distancing that you need a new friend to hang out with - AND, it’s a big friend - if after this is all done you can still provide stellar care, you should meet Bo!

Bo is a rescue dog with Unleashed Love Pet Rescue in West Michigan and he’s looking for his forever home!

Their Facebook post starts off with,

“Still no forever home for Bo.”

Which is just sad, because that’s a sure sign this love muffin has been with the rescue for a while.  They say Bo is 7 years old and is looking for his retirement home.  He loves kids, cats and other dogs.  He also loves couch snuggles.

Man, I’ll tell you, if I could have a dog in my apartment, this would be the dog for me! Hopefully, you know someone who would be a perfect match with Bo, because it would be really cool to get him a forever home.

If you don't have someone in mind right now, share this story on your socials so we can play matchmaker! ( I need to start a hobby, lol - but really, he needs a loving home, stat!!)

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