When people think about "wine country", they often think of Italy, France, or California. Well, there's a place here in the Mitten State getting a lot of attention for its stunning views and tasty wine!

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Old Mission Peninsula in Grand Traverse County is in the running for "Favorite Wine Region in the US" in a USA Today and 10best Reader's poll. A panel of wine industry experts picked the top 20, and now it's up to us to vote!


What Makes Old Mission Peninsula so great for Wine?

Areas around the Great Lakes, carved out by glaciers, have rich, fertile soil and conditions good for farming, making them ideal for farming and growing grapes. Old Mission Peninsula is one of these places!

Here's what USA Today says about Old Mission Peninsula:

Michigan’s Old Mission Peninsula is home to just 10 wineries in the northwestern portion of the state along Grand Traverse Bay. The 19,200 acres of vineyards here grow mostly vinifera grapes – Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, though visitors can also sample ice wine.

There are ten wineries on the Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail. How many have you visited?

Wineries on Michigan's Old Mission Peninsula in Grand Traverse County

Northern Michigan is great place for wine! Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail, minutes from Traverse City, features ten unique wineries with beautiful views.

I haven't visited all of the Old Mission Wineries, but quite a few! And while they all are spectacular, I'd say my favorite would have to be Chateau Chantal -- the views are INCREDIBLE. The 65-acre vineyard, winery, and bed and breakfast sit a top a ridge near the northern end of the Peninsula, giving you the most beautiful views of Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse Bays.

View From Chateau Chantal, Photo: Janna/ TSM
View From Chateau Chantal, Photo: Janna/ TSM
Another View from Chateau Chantal, Photo: Janna/ TSM
Another View from Chateau Chantal, Photo: Janna/ TSM

Do you have a favorite winery on Old Mission?

Or maybe there's a different wine region in Michigan you prefer? There's Fennville, the Lake Michigan Shore region in Berrien and Van Buren Counties, the Leelanau Peninsula also in Grand Traverse County, and more! Honestly, I'm surprised there aren't more Michigan locations on USA Today's list!

You can vote now in their poll, once per day, through Monday, July 28th at noon!

Here's a video that shares some of Michigan's wine history and in particular, the area around Traverse City:

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