This last week for GRD has been another fun one! We had several stops around town, including bowling, Ultimate Hunting Package stops, Google in town, and the office move has started to build some steam.

Promotions Queen Bethany is leading the charge with all the office moves, and is really strong. She may look super tiny, but she packs a punch!

Janna not only gave you another shot at the Ultimate Hunting Package, and she also helped hook businesses up with web search from Google! She also had some fun with creepy clowns, hamsters, and Kias.

Steve went bowling, and tried to look as cool as possible while wearing a GoPro on his head. He also got to ride motorcycles while getting more qualifiers for the Ultimate Hunting Package.

Justin lost his damn mind at Dunham's on Saturday in Norton Shores Muskegon. We tried to show you what he was doing, but not give you too much. We didn't want you to have to go to therapy for THAT long! PTSD from Justin in his outfit is a real thing. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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