Today on Segment 16, the guys did their fun commentary on a couple local news stories from TV. WZZM had a story about one of the times Prince was performing in town, and went bowling after the show. Then Fox 17 had an exclusive interview with the 23-year-old who put himself in some danger by setting up his own sting to catch local sexual predators.

Prince has played in the area a few times, and he once contacted a bowling alley and brought his whole "posse" to bowl after a show. While it didn't seem like Prince did any actual bowling, the owner of the alley still remembers the occasion in great detail. It's one of his favorite memories.

Then, in his first interview, Zac Sweers, aka "Anxiety War", talks about why he does what he does, the excitement he admits he gets when he's caught someone on camera, and his message. He wants people to open their eyes and see the world as it really is, and what's really happening online. It's a scary place.


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