Returning to Fairlanes Bowling tonight is the WGRD Bad Bowlers League Round 2! Last league was full of beer, food, good times, prizes, and even more beer!

There is still time to get in on the fun!

At the WGRD Bad Bowlers league, you setup your team of 4, roll 3 games every Thursday, take advantage of drink & food specials, throw some cash into 50/50 raffles, and plenty more!

Plus you'll see me, Metalhead Ned stumbling around judging every roll you roll. Maybe even give you high five because I had to many drinks. Regardless, you'll see me!

Like I said, it's not to late to get a team signed up! Give Fairlanes Bowling a call at 531-BOWL or simply sign up at their website!

Get your team together and get bowling! It's freakin' cold outside anyway, so why not warm up, hang with your friends and roll a few?

You know you want to.........that was creepy right?


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