This is definitely a place you want your privacy! One Michigan couple had to be super creeped out when they found a hidden camera in their private hot tub room...

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Oasis Hot Tubs shared about the discovery to Facebook, saying,

Several days ago, a piece of a micro-camera was discovered wedged into the base of a statue in one of our Ann Arbor Gardens. We were devastated to learn of this potential breach of customer privacy.

Oasis says they took the device to Ann Arbor Police. It's believed it had been broken off a larger piece of equipment, making it incapable of transmitting or storing data. No other camera components were found on Oasis property.

What about other Oasis Hot Tub locations? Oasis also operates in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. They say a thorough inspection of all three gardens has been done and found no additional devices. They're also working an outside security company to sweep all of their 46 company-wide locations.

What do Ann Arbor Police say? They reveal that on June 18, at approximately 11p.m., AAPD officers responded to Oasis Hot Rub Gardens on S. State Street.

Preliminary investigation revealed a couple from Dearborn Heights who had booked the room, located a camera inside a wooden statue in the room. The statue was also facing the hot tub.

They are currently investigating and ask anyone with information to contact AAPD at 734.794.6920 or email the tip line at


Here's a picture AAPD shared of the device.

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