Astonishing news out of North Korea was recently announced. Kim Jong-Un has loosened up policies in the country to create more civil liberties.  The North Korean leader has announced that pizza, women's pants, and cell phones are now legal.  Now all they have to work on are those pesky human rights issues, crippling poverty levels, and nationwide famine outbreaks.  One step at a time, though...

Before Kim Jong-Un took power, his father Kim Jong-Il was in control of the nation.  Jong-Il was very much a status quo leader, rarely instituting any reform or granting any civil liberties.  His son, wants to create a nation centered around the younger generation.  So, I guess he is starting with passing legislation on pizza, cell phones, and pants.  A true visionary leads North Korea further into the new millennium.

To get an idea of how backwards the country is, check out Kim Jong-Un's visit to a recently opened grocery store.  The fact that food is readily available for the public is a major news event is a scary thought.  The video is from April 2012.

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