Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Doug, Cat Dog, Angry many great classic cartoons and shows that I used to watch as a kid back in the '90's.

Everyday I would come home from school, I would either play Super Nintendo, play outside, or watch Nicktoons.

Now, years later, I can watch all of my favorite kids shows again.

Yesterday, kids network Nickelodeon hinted that they will be starting a new network by the name, 'The Splat.' Which will broadcast all your favorite shows from the '90's like Rugrats, Salute Your Shorts, Doug, Hey Arnold, etc.

This is pretty sweet! You could find some of these shows on Netflix and wherever else, but never on TV! I hope they also broadcast some of the old game shows, because those were always fun to watch. Like Legends of the Hidden Temple, stupid kids could never get that stupid silver monkey together!

There has yet to be a formal announcement about most of this, so I don't have anything like a channel number, official launch date, etc. But the thought of it is pretty exciting!

If I had kids, this would be the channel that we would be stuck on. New kids shows are cool and all, but these cartoons were classic.

You can find out more updates on their official Twitter Page and Facebook Page. You can also follow the hashtag #TheSplatisComing

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