With rumors flying that Nick Menza has rejoined Megadeth for the upcoming recording that should begin March 17th, Nick is fueling the excitement for Megadeth again by releasing some cool behind the kit footage from his time in Megadeth.

Check out these short videos from Nick's upcoming 'Decade With Deth', which is his first ever instruction DVD. There will be lots of Nick showing how to play things, studio performances of songs, and some really cool behind the kit footage from 1991 to 1992 Megadeth touring!

This is a cool thing for any Megafan, and is more ammunition for people who really want the 'Rust in Peace' lineup back together. Nick and the Daves have been seen together at times, and Marty has said he wouldn't rule out coming back to Megadeth.

Dave Mustaine is teasing a big announcement about the lineup, and mentioned recently that he's been finishing auditions for the new guitar slot in the band, and with the 'Nick is back' rumors, Megadeth is hitting the studio on Tuesday.