In order to make an authentic experience on the ice, Ubisoft has revealed that NHL 15 will include collision physics, real puck physics and true hockey physics.

EA Sports has announced that NHL 15 is gearing up to be the best-looking hockey game ever made through the use of its true hockey physics system. NHL 15's 12 player collision physics uses the power of next-gen consoles in order to accurately recreate what happens when two players in motion collide into each other or slam against a wall. The game's real puck physics will let the puck spin, roll and bounce across the ice, just like in a real hockey game. With authentic collisions and dynamic puck movement, NHL 15 is shaping to be quite the slap shot.

NHL 15 is lacing up its skates for a Sept. 9 launch on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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