There are plenty of things in life that are super sexy. People. Flashy cars. An amazing dinner. I’d love to include roofs in that list, but let’s face it. Roofs aren’t really that sexy. But stick with me here. I can sex anything up!

It’s the middle of the summer and one of those crazy storms rolls through. It’s dumping buckets of rain on your house, the same night that you finally convinced your new squish to come over while you do your best to not burn the crap out of a poorly prepared dinner that is meant to impress them. All of a sudden, the power goes out. Jackpot. Instant romance!

Then, things start getting wet. Like, really wet. Unfortunately, it’s not the good kind, but the kind of wet that comes from your 36-year-old roof finally giving way to Mother Nature. This is decidedly un-sexy. Now, had you been prepared and called Next Day Construction and Roofing at the first signs of buckling shingles and leaks, you would be all set and your night wouldn’t be ruined.

Next Day Construction and Roofing has been your trusted residential and commercial roofing contractor since 2010. With years of roofing experience and thousands of satisfied customers, they provide the right roofing, siding, gutter, and window solutions at competitive prices. They’re GAF and CertainTeed certified contractors, and proud Chamber members.

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Call Next Day Construction and Roofing at 616-214-0529 or visit them at to get on their schedule. And don’t forget to ask about their Next Day Guarantee on all services!

Don’t be a chump. Be PREPARED. It’s super sexy!

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