Normally when I think of gun laws, I think of adults, but there is a new gun ordinance that will start April 1st in Grand Rapids that involves kids.

According to WZZM, there will be an educational campaign that begins March 5th to educate the city Grand Rapids, Michigan, regarding toy guns for kids.

The president of Mayor's Youth Council and Union High School student Pablo Villalvazo; Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Payne; Lifequest Ministries Reverend Jerry Bishop; executive director of Hispanic Center of Western Michigan Bo Torres will all address the public at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids-Steil Center at 10 a.m.

In July of 2019, police were called about a teenager who was allegedly carrying a gun at a park. The young man was 13-years-old and was carrying a BB gun when police located him. At that particular time there was no law that prohibited carrying BB guns.

The new ordinance states that kids under 13 will not be allowed to have airsoft guns, replica firearms or other non firearm projectile weapons and toys which also includes bows and crossbows unless a parent is present. All toy guns must have orange tips on the barrel.

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