Remember when Beanie Baby's were all the rage in the '90's?

Freakin' everyone was buying those things and for what? People thought that their Beanie Baby collection was going to worth a ton of cash in the future!

Well, your Beanie Baby collection is basically worth nothing...but Nintendo seems to have made the similar craze in the form of Amiibo's.

Amiibo's are little plastic toys that you can purchase at your local store that work with your video games. They are pretty much a copy of the popular Skylanders or Disney Infinity figures, but Nintendo themed.

The demand for these things are crazy. So much that people are camping out in front of stores to pick up these little toys. Nintendo of course is releasing only limited quantities of certain amiibo's, making the demand absolutely insane.

So insane that people flooded the Gamestop website, causing the entire Gamestop network to crash!

I will admit, I own a few of these little guys and they basically sit on my entertainment center and look cool. That's it!

In all honesty, I think people are going a little too crazy over these things. Really at the end of the day, they are just plastic figures. People are thinking that they are worth a ton of cash, when in all reality in a few years, they are gonna be worth squat.

Just like Beanie Baby's.