Here is Everything You Wanted to Know About Nintendo amiibo
The fine fellows at Did You Know Gaming have released a video that is actually quite interesting.
People have been trampling each other over the amiibo craze, and they still are. Man, just wait until Christmas time right?
Did You Know Gaming has a brand new video showing the history of the amiibo.
Australian Guy Attempts to Buy All amiibos in 24 Hours
It's crazy how popular amiibo's are in the United States! People are lining up for these things when they come out, and for what? I have maybe around 12 of them and have barely used them at all. I guess they just look cool.
Either way, you can get a Mario, Bowser, Peach, Link, etc, pretty easily! How…
New Wave of Nintendo Amiibo's Crash Gamestop Website
Remember when Beanie Baby's were all the rage in the '90's?
Freakin' everyone was buying those things and for what? People thought that their Beanie Baby collection was going to worth a ton of cash in the future!
Well, your Beanie Baby collection is basically worth nothing...but Ni…
Nintendo Announces 3D Sega Games, New 3DS XL, and More! [Video]
The cool thing about Nintendo lately is that they have grasped the internet and release these videos loaded with their upcoming product. To me, it is just as exciting as receiving a magazine with your name on it when you were a kid. Today, Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct video loaded with ne…
Amiibo Addiction
I knew this was going to happen, I really did.
When I saw Skylanders and Disney Infinity, I thought it was kind of childish. You buy the video game, then you have to buy toys to play the game! Well, they've got me there, that's pretty genius. Release one game and a bunch of toys to go with…