The Grand Rapids music scene only continues to expand, and tonight, a new venue for local artists to showcase their talents will make its debut.

MLive spoke with the owner of Metro Grand Rapids whom said his hopes with this new place is

...providing an affordable and accommodating space for local and independent musicians, and to “push the boundaries of what people are normally exposed to here in West Michigan.”

You can expect all different types of music to be featured at Metro Grand Rapids -- spanning from electronic to jazz. Open mic nights will be held every Tuesday for musicians and comedians. The venue will also serve drinks with 20 beers on tap and a small food menu, all costing under $10.

The grand opening is scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday night and people can get in for free until 9 p.m. Party goes all night! least until 2 a.m. A party is also planned for tomorrow night. "Tropical Sunday" will feature Top 40, EDM, and Latin Music plus drink specials.

Metro Grand Rapids is located at 1901 S. Division Ave.

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