The legendary Chevrolet Corvette is about to evolve once again combining ideas of old with brand new technology.

According to WOOD, if you are like most people and love a sweet Corvette, well its about to become a little sweeter come July 18th.

GM has announced there will be a brand new edition of the classic car that is coming unlike any other in its line up from the past.

This next generation beast features the engine being moved to a new place. This Vette will have the engine moved from under the hood to being under the passenger seat and the back wheels. I guess they call this a mid engine design.

GM announced that this new Corvette will have a little piece of every generation that came before it but at the same time it will be revolutionized.

Recently the Chairman and CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, was captured in a photo poised next to a camouflaged Corvette in New York City.

The Chevy Corvette is still made in the good ol' U.S.A. in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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