Mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey has taken the female fighting world by storm in recent years. She has worked her way through the smaller events in her years in the sport and the 25-year-old blonde has now made her mark in Strikeforce. What she did outside the octagon, though, is what has some attention recently.

Everyone's favorite public whipping "celebrity" Kim Kardashian made another headline recently, just in a different realm than she is used to. This time, she wasn't the one actually making the headline, though. Female fighter Ronda Rousey took aim at the reality star in a recent interview. If this seems like an odd pairing.....well, you are right, because we can't think of a good reason these two are mentioned in the same sentence.

While on the red carpet for the ESPY awards recently, Rousey had some not so nice things to say about Ms. Kardashian and her exploits.

Weight not being an issue here, we can all agree Rousey, owner of the most vicious arm bar in female mixed martial arts, would absolutely "beat the crap out of " Kardashian.

Rousey is no stranger to trash talking, verbally calling out fellow former Olympian Michael Phelps and recent arm bar recipient Miesha Tate. The most surprising thing to come out of all of this? Kardashian missed a chance to get some publicity by responding to Rousey's remarks.

The reason Rousey was walking the red carpet at an ESPN event even though she only has five professional fights under her belt may have something to do with her gracing the cover of ESPN The Magazine's Body issue. In terms for us to understand, she took her clothes off so readers can look at her body.


So to clear things up, Ronda Rousey is a female fighter who can trash talk with the best of them, has the most vicious arm bar in the sport, wants to beat up Kim Kardashian AND is incredibly hot?

How can you not be in love?


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