Education isn't cheap, and for too many here in GR is too expensive, or time consuming. Well now there is a free and convenient way to get one at a Library near you!

Kent County is delivering a program which allows you to take online classes, earn your High School diploma and the best part... IT'S FREE!

“With approximately 35,000 adults in Kent County without a high school diploma, we wanted to implement a program that gives our residents an opportunity to advance their education and achieve their career dreams. The life-changing impact the Career Online High School program has had within communities, enabling residents to further their education and earn their high school diploma to accomplish their career goals, made our decision to invest in the program easy. The program truly shows the economic value public libraries provide to communities and future workforces, and we couldn’t be more excited to be the first public library in Michigan to offer it," said Lance Werner, Director at Kent District Library in a release.

All you need is a computer and internet access to login to your classes. You can log in and work on schoolwork any time, 24/7 with 18 months to finish the selected program. Given that there are 10 high-demand and high-growth fields, chances are you will find something that not only will benefit but also interest you.

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