Well now...this is not a smart man.  We've heard of people having to get rescued after being stuck in odd situations before, but typically, it's because of an accident.  In this case, though, it's because of stupidity.

Recently, a man in New York City had to be rescued from inside an apartment building wall.  He somehow managed to get himself inside of a fan ventilation unit on the sixth floor and slide all the way down to the first floor, ending up just on the other side of the wall than a first floor resident's kitchen.  The woman on the first floor said that she heard a bang and was then able to speak to someone through her vent.

It turns out that this dope thought that if he slid down the vent, he'd end up in a pool at the bottom.  Nope, that's not how fan vents work.  Shockingly, he was hardly injured, because it was such a tight fit in the vent that he fell pretty slowly.


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