The UAW and General Motors could not make an agreement by the contract deadline and nearly 50,000 workers walked off the job.

According to WZZM, if General Motors would have gotten their latest offer on the table of the UAW sooner workers would still be on the job.

The UAW Vice President Terry Dittes wanted to avoid a strike, but the late offer from GM and the fact that the two still have to resolve issues dealing with wages, pay increases for new hires, health care, job security and several other issues made it unavoidable.

When the clock struck midnight Monday, nearly 50,000 workers hit the pavement in protest.

The UAW and GM are back at the table discussing a host of disagreements such has annual pay raises that occur even during an economic downturn. There are four factories that are gonna close and the union would rather a new product come in. Automakers are wanting to increase workers health benefit costs.

Hopefully the UAW and GM can reach an agreement because having almost 50,000 people out of work will bleed over into other industries have to suffer due to their dependence of the union workers being at work.

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