The search is over for the couple that a West Michigan photographer captured in Yosemite National Park, a few weeks back during their proposal.

Fox 17 says the two are Charlie and Melissa and they live in Los Angeles… and had NO idea there was a viral internet search trying to figure out who they were.

Charlie told Fox 17 on the phone,  he just happened to see a new story in LA about a mystery couple, looked at the picture and was like “holy crap that’s us”.

According to Fox 17, he then tracked down Matt Dipel and they finally connected.

In case you’re behind on this story or need a quick reminder, Matt took the picture while at Yosemite, but it wasn't planned.  He says that after taking the shot, he did go and try to find the couple, but wasn't able to until now.

Very cool that Charlie and Melissa have this picture and now a story about how the internet was trying to identify them!

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