Myles Kennedy is one of those artists who always has a million things going on. Alter Bridge released the new EP Walk the Sky 2.0 today (Nov. 6), and the singer has spoken a bit more about his second solo album, which he told Loudwire Nights is a lot more electric guitar-focused than his first one was.

Kennedy's solo debut Year of the Tiger was released in 2018, and it mostly reflected on his relationship with religion and his father, who died when he was young. Due to all of the free time the rocker's had throughout 2020, which is something he's not used to having as the frontman of two bands, he was able to complete the follow-up.

"I definitely wanted to make sure there were acoustic elements carried over from Year of the Tiger," the vocalist said. "But I wanted to integrate more electric guitar — a lot more solos, a lot more improvising."

"I kind of feel like it's my guitar-coming-out record, in a way," he declared. "It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time. I do love singing, I don't take it for granted, but guitar playing is what I spend most of my time doing."

As for lyrical content, don't expect this next album to be as introspective as its predecessor. A lot of what has happened in the world throughout this year has made its way into the subject of the songs, the singer explained.

The final track listing hasn't been picked yet, as the musician has an abundance of songs to choose from to put on it. Therefore, he hopes that it'll be out sometime in early 2021, which will ultimately push back the release of a new album with Slash and the Conspirators, despite bassist Todd Kerns' recent projection that one would be out next year.

To hear more about Kennedy's many musical endeavors, listen to the full interview above.

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