This would have been an awesome accident, but also a "wait is this Jesus?" moment too.

In Castelvetro, a town in Italy, around 20 houses had a steady flow of ready to be bottled wine flowing through their faucets last Wednesday, according to WILX.  It happened when a malfunction went down at a local winery, which sent around 1,000 liters (or 264 gallons ) to the homes. Which for that short amount of time, would have been pretty cool. Officials said it was only about three hours.  Of course, that would probably be the day I HAD to work late and by the time I got home my neighbors would have drank all the free wine... or worse, just let it run down the drain. - truth is, it was mixed with water, so not the best wine. BUT STILL, there was wine coming through the plumbing. I've never had a wine shower.. hmmm.

WILX says there were no health risks posed to the residents and as northern Italy deals with the coronavirus outbreak pretty hard and this particular town has lost a lot of the tourists that normally visit, it was definitely a moment of levity (and slightly buzzed-ness, is that a word?)

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