The Wayland show at the Intersection on December 4th was a fun night, with a lot of bands hitting the stage throughout the night. You can check out Kill All Control, and The After Effect videos from the show, and now I've got more!

Mutual Live, is a great band from Jackson, TN, and even though there's some red-pants-wearing happening on stage, haha, they've got some great songs, and sound good. Even though they're based out of Tennessee, a couple of the guys in the band are from Muskegon.

They've been hanging out with the Wayland boys while down in Tennessee. Mutual Live has a cool heavy blues/rock sound that fits really well on the bill with Wayland, and they rock! The song "Stay" has a cool Clash kind of vibe to it, too.

Check out the video above, and then hit their Facebook page for more info, and details on where you can see them next!