Muskegon is about to start showing some love as over 300 signs reading "Hate Has No Home Here" are going out to residents in the community.

WZZM13 reports that signs were ordered by Muskegon resident Tara Foreman, because she lives across from Muskegon High, and after she saw that someone had put some racist graffiti on a statue at the school.

She ordered the signs and plans to pass them around to those in the city who would like to show they stand against hate in Muskegon.

Tara told WZZM 13:

“I just want to put a big sign out here that says something positive,” Foreman explains.  “A positive message to say people of color are valued in this community and we don't have any room in this community for that hate.”

The first 300 signs went with Tara and her family Saturday afternoon to the First Congregation Church community picnic to be handed out to those that wanted one.  Tara told WZZM13 she has another 300 on order.

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