2017-2019 have produced more Mothman-type sightings than anytime since the infamous Mothman incident in Point Pleasant, West Virginia that occurred in the late 1960s. Sightings began around the Lake Michigan shoreline around Chicago. The latest area where a winged man-like creature was sighted is, interestingly, on a beeline between Lake Michigan and the Ohio River valley, in east-central Indiana.

The sighting occurred just after Christmas 2018 near Muncie and came to light in January 2019. SingularFortean.com picks up the story:

[The witness] is a military veteran, hunter, trapper and farmer who lives in the immediate area," he continued. "His knowledge of military flying craft, wildlife and his keen sense of observance was apparent while I talked to him. The winged being that he was observing was unlike anything he had ever seen before. The creature was flying just above treetop level and was easily visible to the witness. His reaction was to slam on his brakes in wonderment, exclaiming to his wife 'do you see that?' His wife was shaken by the sudden stop and was unable to react fast enough to see the winged being.

The Lake Michigan area Mothman sightings put the Chicagoland area on edge during 2017 with a hot spot around Calumet Park near the Indiana-Illinois line.

The Point Pleasant Mothman incidents became tied into to UFO sightings, Men in Black and the collapse of the Sliver Bridge, so it's worth remembering, as this Facebook user said:

Sightings of the mothman are usually a warning that something is about to happen.

Here is the area where the Muncie Mothman was sighted. While it's not likely that a Mothman could be following roads, it's worth noting that US 35 connects Lake Michigan at Michigan City, Indiana through Muncie to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It's US 35 that runs over the Sliver Bridge.

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