If you haven't heard the news, the United States is probably being hacked by Russia. First, there was the investigation into Russia having a hand in our election. Now, strap on your conspiracy caps and get ready for this: TV news was interrupted by Russian-related incidences three times in one day! Of course, Donald Trump has a pretty strong distaste for the media, so if you're thinking conspiracies, this could be interesting!

First, during a confirmation hearing by the Senate Intelligence Committee, while on the subject of the Russian hacks, the lights suddenly went out. A little fishy but sh*t happens!

Then, later in the same day, CSPAN's feed was suddenly interrupted by 10 minutes of Russia Today television footage. Twice in the same day...involving Russia...now this starts to look even more suspicious!

Lastly, later that day during Hardball With Chris Matthews, the discussion centered on Russia's involvement in the election. During that discussion, MSNBC suffered a glitch which caused David Ignatius' voice to repeat the word "Russia" over and over again until the feed cut to black.

Of course, we don't want to push you to believe one way or another or buy into big conspiracies, but what if? How crazy would this be? What would Trump do? Is Putin trotting around shirtless on his horse celebrating this small mystery? Lots to think about with Russia, or don’t.  They might hack you too.

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