I heard this story at the bar last weekend and thought it was kind of cool. Last month a couple of hikers in Oregon found a huge bald eagle that had been hit by a car. The thing was in bad shape, but it was still alive so they rushed the almost dead bald eagle to a vet in Bend Oregon, and this vet guy Jeff Connelly was able to save the big bald eagles life.

It was alive, but still in really bad shape with a broken wing, paralyzed right leg, and dislocated shoulder. S o the vet guy decided he would do whatever it took to rehab this bald eagle. First thing he did was name the bald eagle Patriot. And then he started feeding the bird to build up its strength, and started with physical therapy session for the bird to try and get its wing, shoulder and leg working again. Well during one of the physical therapy sessions, the bird was under anesthesia, and it died!

It completely stopped breathing, so Jeff Connelly, super vet, started to give the bald eagle mouth to mouth, actually mouth to beak, mouth to beak resuscitation, and sure enough, the bald eagle started breathing again and came back to life! Way to freakin go super vet Jeff Connelly! Patriot the bald eagle still has a long way to go, but he expects with enough time and more physical therapy it will make a full recovery and be released back into the wild.

A local TV station did a story on the guy, and when the chick TV reporter asked him about the mouth to mouth her performed on the bald eagle, he told her " My girlfriend has a bald eagle too, and I regularly perform mouth to mouth on that, so I pretty much know what I'm doing! “ And then as the TV reporter chick is standing there, kind of stunned, he says “I'll bet you got a pretty nice bald eagle too, you ever want mouth to mouth on that thing, you just call me!” Ok, he didn't really say that, but wouldn't be great if he did! Nice job saving Patriot the bald eagle super vet Jeff Connelly! You’re a good man!