Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story about some moron Christian High School students who played a game called "Assassination", where they terrorized a poor mom in her car, waving a gun! WTF!

A woman was trapped in her driveway by a vehicle blocking her car, while a man jumped out from behind some bushes with a gun, trying to open her car door. He waved the gun in the window, trying to get in, and she hit the horn on her car until he jumped into the other vehicle and sped away.

The poor woman, Nicole Laughlin, who was just trying to go to work, was terrified, and thought they had a real gun.

It turns out it was a toy gun, and they were Grand Rapids Christian High School seniors playing what they call "assassination"...the dumbest game ever invented. These are obviously not the cream of the crop at the school, and are probably just as surprised as we are that they made it to graduation.

Nicole is totally pressing charges against these morons, as she should. Waving a weapon and threatening strangers isn't a "game", and the idiots are lucky she wasn't packing heat herself, or these dips***s would probably be dead now.

Check out the whole story below.

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