Today on Segment 16, the guys learn more about the big news story of the FBI agent from Nevada who shot at Grand Rapids police at the Planet Fitness gym on 28th street. But we still don't know what he's doing here, or why he was drawing his gun at the gym.

The FBI agent and his partner were drinking, and hanging out at the Showgirls club, doing...well, you know what they were doing, looking at boobs. What else do you do there?

Then, for some reason, the FBI agent went into the Planet Fitness nearby, and drew his weapon, and began to freak people out. When the PF people called the police, the man went outside, where GRPD turned a spotlight on him.

This apparently was a bad idea, since he opened fire on the cop, and was eventually arrested. He's being held on bail right at the moment, and claims to have had an "episode", whatever that means.

We're waiting to see where this is going to go.

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