This story is meowving... You know, like "moving"--  touching, sentimental? Guess that doesn't really work that well... Eh, just go with it. This lost kitty is home!

According to 13 on Your Side, Lisa Ullenbruch from Fort Gratiot was out walking her dog Friday night, when she noticed a cat following her.

The cat was really sticking by them. Lisa noticed it was a tiger-striped cat, who looked similar to a cat she'd lost years ago. So she gave it a shot; Lisa called out the cat's named: Sheiba.

Lisa was stunned when the cat came running and followed her home!

She took Sheiba to the vet and it was confirmed! With the cat's microchip, the vet was able to determine it was indeed Sheiba, Lisa's indoor-outdoor cat who'd gone missing four years before. The vet did a check up, and Sheiba seemed to be in good condition.

Lisa isn't sure where Sheiba has been the past few years, but she's glad to have her back!

She believes someone may have picked Sheiba up, thinking she was a stray. And while Lisa wishes whoever found Sheiba would have checked her microchip, she's grateful they took such good care of her.

Welcome home, Sheiba!

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