Earlier this week, Miss May I revealed that their latest album, 'Rise of the Lion,' will be released April 29. Now, they have unveiled the video for 'Gone' (watch above).

The video features the band performing in a building while an individual is getting tattooed with the lion logo that's on the 'Rise of the Lion' album cover. The track has the band's usual blend of brutality and melody.

“We wanted to release a video that showed the true bare bones of our band,” says frontman Levi Benton. “We really found ourselves on this new record and we felt we needed a video that had no bells and whistles and was just five guys jamming and thrashing. It also shows the creation of the album artwork, which is a real statement about Miss May I. The lion logo that is being tattooed represents our band as a whole.”

On what the song's subject matter is about, Benton says, “‘Gone’ is about heartbreak and feeling like you are lost within that heartbreak. We know everyone has felt this, so as this record being letters back to our fans we wanted to address this. One too many times I have read a letter about someone feeling so broken they felt they felt like they couldn’t make it and that our music helped them find a way. This song is for them!”

Pre-sales of the album begin today. You can pre-order the disc and see behind-the-scenes studio videos here. Miss May I will be playing several Japanese shows in April, followed by a U.S. trek with For the Fallen Dreams that kicks off April 29 in Chicago.

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