Those who grew up in the 50s in Michigan may remember a prolific figure named Milky The Clown who may evoke memories of joy (or nightmare-fueled trauma, if you're afraid of clowns).

Milky The Clown was a short-lived character that Troy Historic Village highlighted the life of, describing why many may not recognize the name:

While Cummings worked for thirty years as an automotive paint salesman for E. I. DuPont, he continued to work as a part time magician. In 1950 a television producer from WJBK spotted him performing in Detroit and hired him for a new 15-minute TV program fashioned after Kukla, Fran and Ollie. The show was cancelled after only thirteen weeks, but within the year Cummings was hired to portray Milky the Clown on a new children’s program sponsored by Twin Pines Dairy. Clarence created Milky’s look and his wife designed and sewed his costume.

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I recently stumbled upon a video on YouTube which is apparently the only footage of the character on TV:

This is the only known footage of 1960s entertainment icon Milky the Clown (so-named for his advertisements for Detroit's Twin Pines Dairy). In this short clip he demonstrates some rather strange magic tricks involving multiple hot dogs, while his one-person audience, Little Nancy, stands uncomfortably on crutches.

Going Back To Colon

Even though he was born in Chicago and lived in Birmingham, Michigan, Milky The Clown had the burial that is fit for any great magician, as his remains were cremated and scattered over Lake Palmer in Colon, Michigan, the Magic Capital of the World.

One of his costumes and many of his magic tricks are also in the American Museum of Magic in Marshall. You can see his video below:

The Actors Colony, 1908-1938

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