NBA Draft Day is the day that dreams are made of for anybody hoping to play or grow in the NBA and boy was it interesting!

Villanova's own Mikal Bridges grew up in Philadelphia and his mom even works for the Sixer's in the HR department so you can imagine his excitement when he was the 10th overall pick to Philly!

He gave an entire press conference and talked about how "blessed" he was to be able to go play for his hometown which has got to be any athlete's dream!

Unfortunately the emotional excitement was cut short when about an hour later the Sixers traded him to Phoenix....

THe NBA really built him up just to send him crashing back down, didn't they? Sports is a cruel world, man...guess we shouldn't feel too bad he'll still be making more money per game than we'll make a year so more power to him.

Source: Deadspin

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