After what felt like an eternity of sitting at 499 homeruns, Miguel Cabrera has become just the 28th player to hit 500 career homeruns.

Miggy stepped to the plate in Toronto with the same anticipation that he's had during every at bat since hitting 499, will this be 500? The answer was a history making YES! Miguel Cabrera became the first Tiger to ever hit 500 career homeruns, and joins an amazing list of all time great baseball players.

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For all of those baseball trivia buffs out there, Miggy got his historic 500th homerun off of Blue Jays pitcher, Steven Matz.

At 38 years old, Miggy is a lock for a first time ballot Hall of Famer, and his resume backs it up. He is now a part of the 500 homerun club adding to his Triple Crown, two MVP trophies, World Champion trophy, and 11 all-star appearances.

Miguel is more than just one of the all time great players in MLB history, he has turned into the face of baseball. Miggy brings such a joy to playing the game that it's hard not to LOVE watching him play.

I've grown up a Detroit Tigers fan, and when I was young, I thought there would never be a Tiger player that I liked watching more than Sweet Lou. Miggy and Justin Verlander changed that in a hurry. Watching these to love playing the game, and be the best in the league while doing it, is truly a blessing.

All Tigers fans should take a minute to be thankful, and appreciate how lucky we are to have been able to watch Miggy play the majority of his brilliant career in Detroit.

There are plenty of stats (because baseball loves their stats) but I just want to focus on the way Miggy did it. He loved playing the game. There was never a moment where that was in question, and that love was contagious. Thank you Miggy.


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