Typically most solar panel test sites are in dry flat areas that get lots of sunshine, so why would someone test solar equipment in the Upper Peninsula?

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Why is Solar Power Important?

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To put it simply, the sun is a free, sustainable, clean resource we can use as a society rather than conventional electricity. The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world's energy needs.

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The big difference between the sun and fossil fuels is the sun won't run out anytime soon.

The return on investment of going solar is huge for consumers but not just for money reasons, it's for public health and sustaining the environment.

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Why Should We Use Solar Power?

New solar panels installed on metal sheet roof of the house in South Australia

There are 5 basic reasons we should convert to using solar power.

  • Reliable and cost-effective energy source. No expensive mining just free sunlight. One-time installation of solar equipment is the only expense.
  • Good for the environment. Solar doesn't pollute air or water and doesn't contribute to global warming.
  • You Save money. You pay for an electric bill every month but with solar, you pay to install the panels, and then paying is over.
  • Creates energy independence. You will no longer have to be a part of a power grid that can go down during any storm. You will no longer have to deal with price spikes. If the power grid is down, your house will still have power from the sun and the panels.
  • Creates jobs and economic growth. The solar industry is becoming the new automotive industry in that solar is creating the most new job opportunities for Americans.

So Why Solar Testing in the Upper Peninsula?

Upper Peninsula South Haven, Michigan Watercolor Raster Map Illustration
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Michigan's Upper Peninsula gets lots of snow and has brutally cold winters, and would seem to be a poor choice to put a solar testing site. Those reasons just mentioned are exactly why the region was chosen for testing.


WOOD reported that a new solar Energy Regional Test Center is going to be a new energy testing hub in Calumet. With snow being a problem across the United States, the Upper Peninsula is the perfect choice for testing solar energy in poor winter conditions.

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